Oregon TNC / RideShare Insurance Now Available

Great News! Insurance for drivers of TNC / Ride Share companies like Uber and Lyft now have, in Oregon, a competitive commercial auto insurance option that fills in that gaps where the TNC insurance coverage leaves off! Call us or Click here to see if you qualify. Insurance for Taxis and Luxury (Black Car) sedans as well!

Is a Use of Wireless Device Without Handsfree the Same as Texting While Driving?

Oregon has passed a strict law regarding the use of electronic devices. Talking on the phone while driving requires a hands free wireless device. Holding your phone to your ear or in your hand on speaker can get you a ticket with a hefty fine. A related ticket is distracted driving which includes texting or anything else you may do that takes your eyes off the road. For now, insurance companies look at cell phone and texting tickets as minor violations for rating purposes.

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