See if you are eligible for a Livery Policy

Livery is defined as carrying passengers for a fee. Oregon has several categories of Livery services:

Town Car or Black Car Services (usually luxury vehicles)
Airport Taxi (contracted with an airport specfically)
Taxi includingTransportation Network Companies (TNC) like Uber and Lyft
(also known as Ride-Hailing and Ride-Sharing services)

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If you answer YES to any below, you are not eligible.

1. Do you have more than 5 vehicles to insure?

2. Do your vehicles operate more than 12 hours in a 24 hour period?

3. Are any of your vehicles more than 15 years old?

4. Are any of your vehicles wheelchair-equipped vans?

5. Is 20% or more of your dispatch for non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) or EMS services or will any NEMT transportation brokers need to be listed as an additional insured?

6. Do any of your vehicles hold more than 15 passengers?

7. Are any of your drivers under the age of 25?

8. Do any of your drivers have foreign licenses?

9. Are any of your vehicles party buses or buses with perimeter seating?

10. Do any of your drivers operate cars belonging to the customer?


You might be eligible for our commercial livery program if you were able to answer NO to all of the above. Continue on to help us determine the commercial auto class you will fit in.

Town / Black Car Service

You qualify for this Town Car / Black Car program if you answer YES to the following 2 questions. Certain vehicles are not eligible.

1. Are the majority of your vehicles used on a pre-arranged basis?

2. Are all your vehicles of the 'luxury' type?

Airport Taxi

If you answer YES to the following question, you will qualify for the Airport Taxi Program.

Are the majority (80% or more) of your dispatches to the airport and the airport must be listed as an additional insured on your policy?


All other livery drivers will fit into this category including rideshare or transportation networking company drivers.

For informational purposes only: Do you accept fares using any type of mobile rideshare or transportation networking application like Uber or Lyft?

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How many vehicles?

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