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rear ended at stop lightI hear it all the time, “I was just sitting at a stoplight, and BOOM, someone rear-ended me. Now, I’m being suspended and need a hardship permit with SR22. It wasn’t my fault! Why am I being punished?”

The suspension and SR22 had nothing to do with whether you were at fault in an accident. You got suspended and need SR22 because you got caught driving with no insurance. The fact you were involved in an accident without insurance, at fault or not, makes it doubly serious. It could have been you who caused the accident. Who would have paid the claim then? You would! Out of your own pocket. But if you don’t have the money to buy insurance, how will you pay for the damage or injury you cause to someone else?

Besides the suspension, the amount you may collect from the other party could be limited to just your injuries, and other damages, like pain and suffering, might be denied.