What's New in Oregon
We try to stay in touch with the latest insurance related developments happening in Oregon. What happens in Salem can affect all of us from the price of gasoline to how much it will cost to drive on our freeways. Insurance related laws and orders are considered and passed constantly that will affect how much you or your insurance company will pay and the limit you will receive after an accident. The companies are constantly inventing ways to adjust how they charge based on the analysis of data they collect on you, your car and all drivers. We just want you to be informed so you can make the right decision.

1. Safety First. If you decide to purchase a reconditioned or reconstructed vehicle, find out the nature of the impact that led to it being totaled. Was it a cosmetic dent or scratch over several parts or a severe impact that compromised the structure’s integrity? Did the airbags deploy? Was the frame bent, or did the suspension or braking system receive damage? These are all questions you should answer before you buy. I’ve seen fantastic body mechanics pull the imploded parts out and make them look brand new with Bondo, sandpaper, and paint. But the interior, the part that keeps passengers safe, went untouched. Scary!

A second impact, especially in the same zone as the first, could cause serious injury to the passengers. The engineering to create the crumple zones has already performed its magic and cannot be repaired. Covered up? Yes. Repaired? No. What is your safety worth?

2. Resale Value. Make sure you know the history of a car before you buy it. If you unknowingly pay full price for a branded title car, you won’t be able to sell it for much unless you find another unsuspecting buyer.

3. Insurance Rates. Auto insurance companies charge a lot more for reconstructed vehicles—sometimes double or triple. If you buy full coverage on a totaled auto, the company would only have to pay its actual, depreciated value, not the market price of an undamaged model. Some insurers will not cover reconstructed cars, period.

If you want to know if a car has a reconstructed title before you commit to buying it, please call or text us the vehicle identification number (VIN). We’ll be happy to check prices on the car and tell you if the vehicle comes back as branded.